Care Guide

Check out our care guide on taking care of your stockings, hold up and tights so they stay in great condition.

Choosing The Correct Size
We provide a comprehensive size guide for all our products that should be looked at before purchasing. This size guides can be found on every page of every style. If a customer is in-between sizes, we recommend purchasing the larger size.

Give Them A Stretch
Pre-stretching the tights, by placing one hand on the foot of one leg, and the other on the top of part of the tights and pulling them apart, gently, helps to get the yarn ready and mobile to be put on and stretched on to your body. This also promotes a longer life for the yarn. We recommend doing this after every wash.

Put Them On Properly
You want to avoid pulling on the fabric as much as possible which can stretch the stockings out of shape. Bunch them up (with those gloves on!) until you get right to the toe, then put that on, ensure the seam at the toe is straight and slowly pull them all the way up. If you get them on and decide they need to be higher, don’t just yank the top – unroll them down to the knee or so and then back up, pulling a little more on the fabric this time.

Take Them Off Properly

    To take your hosiery off simply do the opposite of putting them on – start at the top and roll them down gently without ever pulling. Whilst a burlesque stocking peel might look cool, don’t do it unless you don’t mind stretching them out!

    Wash Every 3-4 Wears
    We recommend hand-washing your tights in cold water, every 3-4 wears in order to get rid of the build-up of body oils and dead skin cells. It is also possible to wash our tights in a washing machine, on a delicate cycle, at 30 degrees celsius, preferably in a mesh garment bag. Avoid putting the tights in with anything that they can snag on, such as zippers, hooks, clasps, or any metal parts or heavy-duty clothing items.

    Do not wring the water out which over-stretches the fabric. Instead, just squeeze them gently. Hang your garments to drip dry or place between two towels to dry flat. Always dry away from direct heat and never iron.

    Avoid Fabric Softeners
    No need to add any softeners when washing our tights, as they can damage the elastane. As with any delicate item, stockings best retain their fit and shape through air drying.



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